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The OZ Lotto at a glance

The OZ Lotto stats and big winners

The OZ Lotto

Play and win your share of at least Au$9.7 Million in weekly cash prizes! Australian Lottery offers payouts amounting to 55% of the total Lottery earnings –much bigger than the 45% paid out in many European Lottos and the 50% paid out in most North American Lottos.

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How to play the OZ Lotto

How to Play OZ Lotto

You can play the Australian Lotto –from wherever in the world you may be- through the services of Overseas Subscribers Agents. Just pick a subscription that suits you, and for each Game, simply pick 6 numbers from 1 to 45.

With only 6 main numbers from 45 to choose from (no extra Powerballs, Mega balls or Lucky Stars) the OZ Lotto has - hands-down - the best winning odds of all Pick-6 lottos in the world.

Ways to Win the OZ Lotto

The Australian National Lottery has six prize divisions.

6 of 6
5 + at least 1 Supplementary
5 Numbers
4 + at least 1 Supplementary
3 + at least 1 Supplementary
1 or 2 + 2 Supplementaries
3.8% of prize pool
8.2% of prize pool
12.4% of prize pool
20.8% of prize pool
26.8% of prize pool

*Prize payouts are divided amongst all winners for each division.

The Australian Superdraw

Every week, 5% of the prize money in Australian Lotto is held in reserve and kept in a special fund which builds up over a period of several months.

When the time comes for a Superdraw (about 6 or 7 times a year) all these reserve funds are added to special Saturday Lotto draws –called Superdraws –to create the biggest possible jackpots in the country.

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Oz Lotto Super 7 is a popular 7/45 lotto game played in Australia every Tuesday.

Oz Lotto currently holds the record for the largest Australian lotto jackpot prize. Originally guaranteed at $100 million, four winners shared a Division 1 pool of $111,972,151.04 in the draw on 6 November 2012.

Oz Lotto Super 7 features 7 winning numbers, plus 2 supplementary numbers drawn from 45 balls. The supplementary balls are used to determine prizes in Divisions 2 and 7, and have effectively increased winning odds from 1-in-210 to 1-in-55.

In fact, Super 7's pilot draw delivered a record 96,314 winners –over four times the previous OZ Lotto average! The two newly created prize divisions alone generated a whopping 94,739 winners. Since then, Super 7 has delivered on its promise of bigger jackpots and more cash prize winners!

Super 7 offers 7 'divisions' or levels of prizes
To win a prize you need to get at least three of the winning numbers from 45 and one or both of the supplementary numbers in any one game.

The more winning numbers you're playing, the higher your prize!

Prize DivisionCombinationsPercentage of Payout
Division 1All 7 main winning numbers40.0%
Division 2Any 6 main winning numbers and either supplementary number1.7%
Division 3Any 6 main winning numbers3.5%
Division 4Any 5 main winning numbers and either supplementary number1.8%
Division 5Any 5 main winning numbers2.1%
Division 6Any 4 main winning numbers24.0%
Division 7Any 3 main winning numbers and eithery supplementary number26.9%

Play the OZ Lotto Super 7 Now!
OZ Superdraw At a Glance

Numbers Drawn:   6 Main Numbers + 2 Bonus Numbers
Numbers Range:   Balls numbered from 1 to 45
Average Jackpot:   AU$14 Million
Next Draw:   August 29, 2014
Guaranteed Jackpot:   AU$21 MILLION


Several times a year, Lotto enthusiasts look forward to entering and winning EXTRA LARGE Jackpot prizes in the AUSTRALIAN LOTTERY. These seasonal bankrolls, called "SUPERDRAWS", pay out the biggest Jackpots and give the best odds of winning a cash prize than any other Lotto in the Asia/Pacific region.

This August, the Australian Lottery Superdraw will pay out a guaranteed minimum Jackpot of AU$21 MILLION, plus hundreds of lower division cash prizes.

Players from overseas have never had the chance before to enter and win in OZ Superdraw. But now, through OSA, you have the rare opportunity to become the next Superdraw multi-millionaire!

Prize CategoriesMatching NumbersPercentage Payout
1st Division (Jackpot Prize)6 of 626.2%
2nd Division5 of 6 plus either bonus number6.7%
3rd Division5 of 612.4%
4th Division4 of 619%
5th Division3 of 6 plus either bonus number33.6%

OZ Super 7 is not being offered on this site at the moment, but rest assured that you will be kept informed of any OZ Super 7 Draws in the near future. To play in one of our featured lotteries, please visit